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Our Company

BioMimetic Systems Inc. (BMS) is a rapidly growing start up focused on innovative technology for acoustic processing based on neuroscience. Our core technology is a cutting edge mix of silicon based neural circuits and advanced signal processing techniques developed over two decades of medical research for cochlear implants. ‘Biomimetic’ technology reproduces the hearing capabilities of animals such as bats, dolphins, and humans to localize and identify sounds in difficult acoustic environments. The technology has application to medical devices such as implants for the deaf as well as to robotics, commercial, and military systems.

The company was incorporated in 2004 and is based out of Cambridge, Massachusetts. At its inception BMS chose not to take venture capital, but instead to go the "bootstrapping" route using personal investment and sales of engineering services and prototypes to fund development. We are currently pursuing licensing opportunities and partnerships with industry for a mobile robotics product as well as an integrated optics package for a multi-sensor platform.

Our People

The BMS staff are a group of scientists and engineers with backgrounds in neuroscience, biomedical, electrical, and computer engineering; each with strong interdisciplinary experience, in addition to design and rapid prototyping skills. Key personnel at BioMimetic Systems are:

Chief Executive Officer
Socrates Deligeorges, PhD.

Chief Scientist
Shuwan Xue, PhD.

Chief Hardware Engineer
Tyler Gore

Chairman and Business Development
Ian Mashiter

Head of Administration
Leah Field

Technical Advisor for Military Technologies
Cassandra Browning

Advisory Consultants
Allyn Hubbard, PhD.
David Mountain, PhD.

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